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Market-leading Innovators

Insemigen Ltd is poised to revolutionise the way that consumers and suppliers interact with, and access, artificial reproductive technologies for animals, across the globe.

The launch of Insemin8, the world’s first “semen marketplace” will prove a significant and positive step forward for animal health, which will ultimately improve genetic diversity and breeding standards around the world.

Increasing the uptake of artificial reproductive technologies – and improving access to such services for all – will be the start of a positive, global step-change not only for animals, but also for their owners, breeders, keepers, and guardians.


our core values

Animal Health & Welfare

Animal health and welfare is at the core of everything that we do, and we are passionate about improving animal breeding practices, for both animal and human health, and for future generations of both animals and people. We are driven by science, but lead with compassion.
~ Isobel Thompson

“Horse semen is a big business. With breeders desperate to produce the next champion equine, one sample of the stuff can go for six figures. The ejaculate of Galileo, a stud who was put down last year aged 23, was reportedly worth £40m a gallon, making it the most expensive liquid in the world.”

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