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Ethics, Safety & Legislation

Insemigen is driven by science, but motivated by compassion. We exist to improve animal lives and achieve new excellence in animal breeding, and the associated technologies. Our core mission is to improve the genetics and breeding practices of domestic animal species, for the betterment of animal health, welfare and production.

We are wholly and completely committed to using science to improve animal breeding processes in a forward-thinking, ethical way, to ensure the health, welfare and wellbeing of all animals.

We are unreservedly and absolutely supportive of a robust and effective regulatory environment, to ensure that all and any reproductive technologies used in the UK are safe, ethical and effective. In the UK, the collection and storage of semen for cattle, sheep, pig and horses is overseen and regulated by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). The APHA operates a list of approved semen collection centres for semen collection and storage, and semen collectors must be correctly trained and qualified. Such regulatory frameworks do not yet exist for dogs, cats, other companion animal species, or exotics. However, we actively support the development of regulatory frameworks to cover these species, and plan to actively contribute to the conversation around this, as and when appropriate. We intend to be a key stakeholder in developing the best-practice and professional guidelines for the collection and storage of canine semen for the UK, along with advocating for the importance of correct regulation for the canine semen and ova industry.

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