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Insemigen CEO and Founder Introduction

The animal semen market for artificial insemination is currently valued at USD $63.2 billion a year, and is experiencing exponential growth year-on-year. The current sales model relies heavily on word-of-mouth, in-print advertising and social media. Insemin8 is here to disrupt and tech-enable this lucrative industry, by offering a safe, secure online platform where sellers can sell their animals’ semen, and advertise it to buyers across the world. 

An award-winning Biologist, highly published animal scientist and serial entrepreneur, Dr Zoe Raw has founded Insemigen Ltd to improve the way that animals are bred and produced across the world. With a strong background in animal reproduction and associated techniques, alongside global animal health, she is set to launch Insemin8 – the world’s first e-commerce platform to support the buying and selling of animal semen worldwide. 

Zoe is intensely passionate about One Health; that is, the concept that the health of animals, humans and the planet is all intertwined, and she sees how artificial insemination and global semen sales can solve so many problems faced by our planet. A global platform to trade animal semen allows farmers and breeders to select the very best genetics available for their breeding herd. By diversifying the genetics they can access, this will enable the gradual elimination of many hereditary ailments and diseases suffered by animals which are caused by centuries of breeding within closed gene pools, typically limited by geography and personal connections. Insemin8 removes all these barriers, and opens up animal genetics to a global audience. 

Lastly, Zoe sees the platform playing an important role in developing and supporting farmers’ livelihoods, and especially in elevating marginalised farming communities. Imagine the owner of a prize Bull in India. Previously he could only sell that bull’s semen to a local market, due to his ability to market his product, and access to packing materials. Now, through Insemin8, he can advertise his Bull’s semen to a global audience, which will not only benefit the wider genetic diversity of the global population, but it provides him a means to develop an alternative stream of livelihood. Insemin8 will deliver all the packaging he needs to support him to ship the semen to his customer. 

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