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the trade of animal semen and ova


We are developing Insemin8, the world’s first peer-to-peer online platform for the purchase, sale and shipping of animal semen. Think Ebay, but for animal reproduction! This novel idea is set to revolutionise the way that animals are bred around the world, and will provide a huge step forward for the health and welfare of all animals, by opening new opportunities for genetic diversity and selection of truly suitable genetic matches, unlimited by geography or the time taken to travel a female to be inseminated.  

Insemin8 will allow the owners of male animals to list and advertise the semen they have for sale, and customers will be able to search by species, breed and other characteristics, to select the very best breeding match for their female. 

Insemigen and Insemin8 Enhancing future generations of animal breeding
~ Paddy Fanning, owner of “Jim” the sheepdog, on selling his semen

“Jim's very first two sons made a combined price of €10,000, at 7 and 9 months of age”.

Insemigen and Insemin8 Enhancing future generations of animal breeding

We want to change the game, and open up the trade of animal semen and ova to anyone, wherever they are in the world.

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Barbara Massey, Champion and award-winning animal breeder

“Thanks to Insemigen, I have transformed my animal breeding programme. Insemigen have helped me harvest semen from my prize-winning males, and are now keeping it for me in long-term, secure frozen storage. I plan to use the semen to supplement my breeding programmes in the future, long after my gorgeous boys have gone, to their valuable genetics are still enhancing my breeding lines. Incredible.”

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