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Semen & Ova Storage & Shipping

Semen & Ova storage and shipping

Once you’ve decided that AI is right for you and your breeding programme, we can support you every step of the way. We can offer semen collection, transport and storage. We can arrange for semen to be shipped in its fresh state, directly to you or your vet for insemination, or we can arrange for it to be kept in frozen storage, for a future time that your female is ready, or even for the future of your breeding programme.

Fresh semen

If your female is ready, and you want to inseminate her straight away, you can choose to have fresh semen delivered either directly to you, or your vet or local fertility clinic, for direct deposit into your female.

Frozen semen

Sometimes, you may want to keep the semen in a frozen and fully-preserved state, for use at a later date. This may be because you’re unsure when your female is going to be at her peak fertility, or perhaps she is not yet old enough for breeding. In addition, you may have identified a perfect male for your breeding programme, and choose to keep his genetics stored for future use, or for developing your future lines. We offer a complete end-to-end shipping and storage solution, whereby we organsie for the fresh semen to be shipped to our lab, and we then preserve the semen in specialist ‘straws’ kept in liquid nitrogen at – 50°C.

As soon as you’re ready to then inseminate your female, we defrot the samples, check its viability and then arrange for it to be deposited into your female, either at our premises or through your local fertility clinic or vet.

Semen Assessment

Ur lab has state-of-the-art equipment allow full clinical assessment of all semen samples, including sperm morphology, motility, viability and other health parameters. We always check semen viability directly prior to storage, and afterwards upon thawing. This is essential, to ensure the semen is healthy, and capable of doing its job inside the female.

There are several reasons for semen evaluation:

1. To ensure a dog has normal semen function, and is therefore suitable for breeding

2. To investigate and rule out any male-specific fertility problems.

3. To monitor sperm production after an illness (e.g. prostatic disease) or drug therapy to ensure the dog is still fertile.

4. To assess the semen as part of an artificial insemination program.

A complete semen assessment and report

We produce a semen assessment report for every sample we store or collect on your behalf, which provides you with all the information we’ve used to assess the sample. This enables you to make an informed and objective decision as to whether this semen is right for your programme and your females.

Parameters that we evaluate

Colour – Normal semen should be milky in colour. Clear or blood-tinged is abnormal (blood may kill the sperm and clear semen may indicate poor quality or no sperm production).

Sperm Motility – we use a specialist microscope to assess motility. We record a percentage score for semen motility, and have strict parameters within which we can confidently say the sperm is viable, or likely to result in a pregnancy.

Sperm Morphology – one hundred sperm in the drop of semen sample are examined and any shape (morphology) abnormalities are recorded. Abnormalities of the head or tail affect the sperm’s ability to swim and reach the egg, and also its ability to penetrate the egg cell. If the percentage of normal sperm is below 80%, it indicates reduced fertility.

Sperm Concentration – A semen sample is diluted and placed in a counting chamber. The number of sperm in specific squares of the chamber are counted and the sperm concentration is calculated.

Total Sperm Output – Calculated by multiplying the concentration of sperm (per ml) in the sample by the total volume of semen collected.

All semen assessments will be provided with a certificate outlining the results of the semen testing.

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