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Inseminexx and Insemigen Labs

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We’re Changing the Way the World Breeds Animals 

Every day, animals are bred around the world for sport, leisure, food and pleasure.


We exist to improve this breeding process, by encouraging and facilitating the uptake of artificial insemination.


By making animal semen a global commodity, breeders can select the very best genetics to create healthier, happier animals. 


We're building Inseminexx, the world's first peer-to-peer platform for the buying and selling of animal semen. 

Inseminexx will allow breeders to procure the very best genetics for their animal breeding programme, irrespective of geophysical barriers. 

The Inseminexx platform offers a secure transacting environment, with additional services available to support product verification and shipment. 

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Insemigen Labs offers a range of world-class semen freezing and storage options. at our facilities around the world. 


You can choose to store your animal semen as an appreciating asset to resell at a future date, or store it for use in your own breeding programme. 

We are building semen storage labs in the UK, USA, UAE, Portugal, Australia, South America and Africa. 



By opening up the global trade in animal semen, we can breed healthier, happier animals. With access to a global market, animal breeders are no longer limited to using local males within travelling distance of their females. They can select the very best genetic material for their breeding programme, regardless of where in the world it is located. 


By selling their animals' semen online, farmers and livestock producers can establish a significant alternative livelihood through newfound access to a global market. Likewise, buyers benefit from a limitless choice of which males they want to introduce into their breeding programmes, and can source novel breeding lines from new locations. 



Committed, passionate, knowledgable.

Insemigen was founded by a unique team of Veterinarians, Biological Scientists and experienced Animal Breeders.


We have extensive experience of animal breeding practices around the world, but we want to make it better. 

Join us in becoming a change-maker, and let's improve global animal breeding practices together, for healthier, happier animals. 

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